Factory China Recycled Eco-friendly Paper Custom Logo Printing Folding Color Kraft Bags

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Support image customization
Large favorably
long service life

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Product name: color printing bag                                                   Product style: exclusive customization
Product material: kraft paper, woven bag, pearl film, etc.                 Product features: wear-resistant and durable, long service life
Support customization: style customization/size customization/LOGO, pattern customization
Product size: a variety of sizes are available or on demand, please contact customer service for customization
Applicable scenarios: building materials packaging, fertilizer packaging, feed packaging, chemical packaging, engineering plastic packaging, etc.
Note: Our spot can be shipped in one piece, and can be shipped on the same day. Due to the construction period and quantity of the customized series, the production period needs to be consulted with customer service for details!

custom process

Easy customization in just six steps
1.Advisory Service 2.Quote payment 3.Confirm manuscript
4.Arrange production 5.fast shipping 6.Delivery evaluation


Meet the needs of multiple scenarios
Good products and good quality are suitable for all kinds of scenes in daily life
Add a sense of ritual to life
1.Whole grains2.Engineering plastics
3.industrial materials 4.agricultural fertilizer



Strict selection of product materials
The appearance of the woven bag can be customized: lamination process, OPP film, OPP pearl film, OPP color printing film, matte film


Product seven-character mouth design
Seven-character mouth design, easy to fill, not easy to deform


Customizable M side
The M-shaped side can be customized to make the package more three-dimensional, more beautiful and more wear-resistant. The bottom is sewn with a strong thick thread, and the line is even and dense. The back cover can also be customized with wrapping paper/heat sealing


Product is printed clearly
The soil printing is simple and preferential, the offset printing effect is good, the color printing is more high-end and beautiful, and the printing effect can be selected according to customer requirements


Color printing bags are valve bags, all valve bags can be customized with logo or pattern. Valve pockets are mainly used for packaging edible powder, chemical powder, fertilizer, synthetic materials, explosives, grain, salt, minerals and other powdery or granular solid materials and flexible items. It is especially suitable for export enterprises and can improve the packaging grade of products. It is an international popular packaging bag. It is fed from the top or bottom valve port. It adopts special filling equipment. After filling the material, it is packed into a cube. The stacking bag is neat and beautiful.

Quality service

About chromatic aberration: the color of each monitor will be different, and the final printing of the displayed color will have different degrees of difference, which is a normal phenomenon, no after-sales processing, please place your order carefully
About logistics: If the delivery notice is not received within several days, please contact us to solve it for you in time. If the package is damaged after receiving the goods, please refuse to sign for it, and contact us in time to solve it for you
About evaluation: We attach great importance to every evaluation, and pay more attention to the feelings of each customer. After receiving the product, if you have any questions, please contact us, we will try our best to deal with it for you and give you a satisfactory shopping experience
About finalization: Due to the particularity of customized products, all manuscripts need to be confirmed by the customer before printing. If you do not confirm the delay, we will not be responsible for any delay. In addition, the content needs to be proofread by the customer, and the finished product is subject to the final confirmation manuscript.

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