What Is A Valve Pocket

A valve bag is a packaging bag filled with a filling machine. It works with automatic filling machines, that is, if you want to use valve bags, you have to buy a fully automatic filling machine. In addition, the characteristics of automatic filling machines also require valve bags. For example, the breathability of the valve bag can compromise the speed at which the valve bag can be filled. The filling speed of the screw filling machine is relatively slow, and the regulations on the exhaust pipe are not high. When canned, the gas is gradually exhausted from the valve. When the vacuum pump filling machine is filling, the valve bag is first vacuumed, and then the can is filled in the raw material, and the filling speed is faster. In this way, the regulations for the valve bag exhaust pipe are very high.
Valve pocket sticker.
As the gas in the raw material enters, the gas also needs to be discharged, so that the tank will not be damaged by adding too much gas. Incoming gas cannot simply exit the exhaust pipe at the valve. A lot of gas is expelled from the valve, which can cause powder spraying at the valve, so holes need to be opened in the surface of the valve port. The holes have thickness and relative density. They can be punched in only one row, valve pockets, or the inner surface can be displaced. Punch holes in other places, and punch different holes according to different canned materials.
It is worth mentioning that nano-carbon black powder, white carbon black powder or silicon dioxide has high requirements for air permeability, and some must be drilled with fine holes, which are basically invisible to the human eye, but actually have openings, such as this one. Materials with high air permeability requirements sometimes have to move the opening, and the movement has a good practical effect on air permeability and powder leakage.
The valve bag has the characteristics of moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, good air permeability, good sealing, ecological environment protection, degradation, etc. It is suitable for high-stacking and long-distance shipping container transportation. Automatic packaging machines are mainly used in chemical enterprises, plastics, dyes, industrial coatings, etc, from automatic human resource bags to automatic bagging, automatic bagging, and multi-process flow turntables. It is more common in various food preservatives, concrete outer packaging, mixed mortar outer packaging, floor tile adhesives, etc.

Post time: Jun-29-2022