The Influence Of Pe Material In Packaging Bag Materials

The popularity of PE raw materials in packaging bag raw materials! PE raw materials are indispensable in packaging. If you want to seal the packaging bags, PE must be added to the raw materials. It goes without saying that PE raw materials are the key! The popularity of PE raw materials in packaging:

1. General PE raw material characteristics description:

Generally, the appearance of PE raw material packaging bag is completely transparent, but it has a foggy feeling; it is soft to the touch and has good ductility; low temperature resistance and strong water resistance, but compared with O2, the gas barrier rate is low; Or solve, can print technology light gray, not recommended for large-scale dark coffee printing packaging.

2. Common raw material classification of PE packaging bags in outer packaging:

PE production process, PE can be divided into three categories: HDPE. HDPE has low density, LDPE has low density, linear relative density is low, and LLDPE is low. Their application focuses in packaging bags are different, and their characteristics are also different. HDPE raw material has high relative density, also known as low-voltage high-voltage polyethylene, and has excellent high temperature resistance, heat resistance, acid and alkali resistance and other characteristics. transparent layer.

The LDPE raw material with relatively low density is also called polyethylene, which is a softer PE raw material. Cocoa can be used directly as packaging bags, such as transport bags for fresh fruit, meat and other freezer food industries. Or plastic bags, film bags, etc. for food purchases.

LLDPE raw materials with low linear density: similar in appearance to LDPE, low temperature ductility, impact resistance, stress field cracking resistance, fatigue resistance, this characteristic is relatively good. Use LLDPE original ice cream, ice cream, meatballs, quick-frozen dumplings and other packaging bags, and use the heat penetration layer of LLDPE raw materials.

3. Different ways of packaging bags with high density of PE raw materials and low density of PE:

1. If the hand is delicate, it can be softer, and the material with relatively low density is softer.

2. When scratching the raw material with a fingernail, it is not easy to leave scratches. It is HDPE raw material, HDPE with high relative density, and LDPE with low relative density.

Post time: Jun-29-2022