Multi-layer kraft paper bags

Multi-layer kraft paper bags are made of pure wood pulp kraft paper as raw materials, and then made into various packaging bags according to the individual needs of different customers, selected materials are divided into: Yellow Kraft paper, White Kraft paper, imported Kraft paper, domestic Kraft paper, stretch kraft paper, high permeability kraft paper, etc. , can Add Pe lining film, stretch lining paper, aluminum film and other lining materials, to increase the protection of filled product packaging performance. The multi-layer Kraft paper bag produced by Anhui Lanyun packaging is made by imported automatic equipment. It has the characteristics of firm, fine printing, moisture-proof, wear-resistant and impact-resistant. The main bag-making types are: valve-mouth kraft paper bags, sewing kraft paper bags, hot-sealed Kraft paper bags, square-bottom open kraft paper bags and other products!

Post time: Nov-05-2022